Research Innovation and Development
Where innovation meets excellence


In collaboration with Center for Research & Advancement of Frontier Technologies (CRAFT), we have a team of experienced researchers who can research, design and develop products in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Robotics, Industry 4.0, 3D manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, enterprise software and information security solutions.
We provide full lifecycle hardware/software development, product design, design consultancy and manufacturing services to international clients.

Innovation & IP

The integration of IP matters with R&D and technology processes can be a great challenge — one that Xero Tech & CRAFT can help you master. We provide proven solutions for securing your investment in innovation and ensuring the exclusivity of the technologies you need for sustainable business success. Identifying and harvesting invention ideas during development activities is only one aspect of our services. Invention assessments in light of business, technology and legal considerations is another feature. Our approach covers every facet of IP synthesis

Next Gen Technologies

We have extensive experience doing research and developing solutions and products in bleeding edge next generation technologies spectrum. Our expertise lies in Quantum Blockchain, Intelligent Contracts, IoT 2.0, Industry 5.0, Cognitive Intelligence, Holographic Displays, Mesmerizer, Tricorder, BCI and 6G. Contact us with confidence if your organization wants to remain a step ahead from competitors.

Creative Studios

We are a creative innovation company that produces immersive experiences and applications, dedicated to embracing and developing new technology in the form of virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and real time interactive 3d via multi touch surfaces. Which enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve. Our foundation is in image making, animated story telling and experience creation, which combined with our strategic thinking helps us to deliver innovative solutions and revolutionary experiences to multiple industries, from manufacturing and healthcare to education and brand retail. Our services include Immersive Experience, Teasers & Trailers, Design & Visualization, CGI production, Concept & Creative, WebGL design and NFT development.

MaaS [Metaverse as a Service]

Empowering Organizations For The Next-Level Digital Transformation: The metaverse is here. Immersive, connected worlds for collaboration, education, e-commerce, and more.
Our platform Frame makes it easy for you to create your own piece of the metaverse. We provide MAAS for:

  • Immersive team meetings and a persistent online space
  • Engaging online education environments
  • Spatial, memorable online events
  • Showcasing products and places in 3D
  • Digital twins of real-world locations
  • Interactive, immersive and engaging WebGL websites and webportals
  • HealthTech, EdTech and SocialTech solutions


Blockchain Development
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AR/VR/XR Metaverse
NFT, Crypto & Marketplace
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